If the files in the CodaKid Launcher are not downloading then try the following option to fix the issue:

Option 1:

  1. Uninstall the Codakid Launcher

  2. Go to the path C:\Users\Username and open the AppData folder, make sure that Hidden items are enabled in the view tab.

  3. In AppData open the local folder and delete the codakid-launcher-updater folder.

  4. Return to the AppData folder and open the Roaming folder and delete the codakid-launcher folder.

  5. Go back to C:\Users\Username and find the CodaKid folder. If you have projects from the past, back them up. Then, delete the CodaKid folder.

  6. Install the CodaKid Launcher. You can download it from here: Downloading the Launcher – CodaKid.

  • If Option 1 didn't work, please try Option 2.

Option 2: Run the CodaKid Launcher as administrator.

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