How to open your Project:

First you must open up the CodaKid Game Dev Folder which is most likely on your desktop. 

Once you have open the folder you will see a menu and can click on CodaKidProjectManager

Once the project manager is open, click on your name (or the name of your project) and then click on Open Project

This will open up Atom with all of your code and your project will be open.

How do I run my game (Mongoose)?

Now go back to the CodaKid Game Dev Folder 

Now open up the Projects Folder. 

Inside of the projects folder find your name (or the name of your project) and open that folder. 

From the new menu double click on Mongoose to run it and test out your game. Make sure to only run Mongoose one time. From then on you will only need to refresh the game in Google Chrome. 

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