This issue is usually caused by the placement of a single line of code. Go check out your functions.js and scroll down to your increaseScore() function.

Inside of your function you should have an if statement like this

if(!game.isGameOver) {
     game.score += 1;

This means that as long as the game is not over the score will be increased by 1. Now we need to recall the function so the score will be increased again. To call on the function again we use the line:, increaseScore, this);

However, where we put this line of code is very important. We need this line of code to be run even if we do not increase the score. This means that the line of code needs to be put outside of the if statement. If your score was getting stuck after you died the line is most likely inside of the if statement. Move the line to the outside and your code should look like this:

//Increase the score
function increaseScore() {
    //Increase the score
  //Start a new timer to run this function, increaseScore, this);

Once you have made this change, save the code and refresh your game. If the score continues not to update, please reply to this article and message support. Make sure that we know you checked out this article so we can work on improving it. We will be happy to help you get this fixed. 

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