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Let's say you just finished adding your players image of a blue robot, but when you run mongoose, all you see is a blank screen. The first thing to do is to open up inspect by right clicking on the game and the selecting inspect.

From the the inspect menu, open up the settings menu

Once the menu is open, scroll down and make sure that you have the "Disable cache" feature selected. 

Then refresh the page. 

If this does not update your work, then make sure you only have one instance of Mongoose running by going to the bottom right hand corner of your task bar and clicking on the arrow to "Show hidden Icons". Then you will look for the Mongoose picture and if you see more than one of it then right click them. Then you will click on the exit option. 

Repeat this until they are all closed and then close the tab for the game and rerun mongoose. Then repeat the steps above. If your code is still not correct, then you may have an error. 

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