If you have run mongoose and you see the spinning wheel on the side of the tab in Google Chrome, then the issue is that you will need a new version of Mongoose. First you should close the tab that has the game open and then exit out Mongoose by going to the bottom right hand corner of your task bar and clicking on the arrow to "Show hidden Icons". Then you will look for the Mongoose picture and right click it. Then you will click on the exit option. 

Next, download the new version of mongoose. 

The button will open a web page. Look for the Free Edition section and then check I agree to the terms and conditions and download the version of mongoose for your OS. 

Once the file has downloaded navigate to where you would normally run Mongoose. (CodaKid Game Dev ->  Projects -> Your Project name)  Delete the old version of Mongoose (Yellow with a mongoose head) then click and drag the new version into your Project folder.  (Blue with M) 

After you have done that, run the new Mongoose. This window may appear, just select "More Info" 

Then select "Run Anyway"

Next, this window may appear. Select "Allow Access" 

Now you should be all set. If there was any issues, involving your antivirus not allowing the program to run, then message support. Any other messages are likely because another instance of the old mongoose is still running. Make sure to exit out of every instance of mongoose that is open before try to run the new one and you will be good to go! 

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