Step 1 - Download Installer

Click the "Windows Installer" button to start the download

The installer is now downloading, progress is shown at the bottom of your browser.

Wait for the download to finish, 5 to 15 minutes depending on your internet/computer

Click "Codakid+1.2.6.exe" when the download finishes, then continue to the next step

Step 2 - Run Installer

Click on the "Run" button in the Open File - Security Warning window.

Keep the Default install location, then Click on the "Next >" button
Keep selected component on "Full Install"
If you already have Paint .Net on this computer you may select the other option.
Click on the "Next >" button to continue.

Keep the Default start menu folder name, Click on the "Next >" button
Click the "Install" button to begin our installation.

Wait for the Install to finish, this will take between 10 and 20 minutes

Click the "Finish" button to close the installer
Continue to the Next Step

Step 3 - Open CodaKid Project Manager

On your Desktop, find the Folder named "Codakid"
Double Click
the folder to Open it

In the "Codakid" folder, Find the program named "CodakidProjectManager"
Double Click the CodakidProjectManager to Open itĀ 

When the Manger opens, Continue to the Next Step

Step 4 - Create a new Project

First, enter a Name for your new project, such as "myFirstProject"
Second, Click on the Create button to begin the project creation

NOTE: Keep the computer Connected to the Internet, this process will check for and download the most recent version of the needed software.

Wait for the Build to complete, this will take 20 to 30 minutes

When the process finishes, Click OK
Continue to the Next Step

Step 5 - Create a new Project

Go to the Open Project Menu in the Project Manger
First, Click
on the Name of Your Project to select it.
Second, Click on the Blue "Open Project" buttonĀ 

Wait for Eclipse to open, this may take Up to 5 minutes

When your project opens for the first time your work space will look like the image above.

You are now Set Up and ready to start your class.

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