For the CodaKid online course, we use four different applications. 

  1. Eclipse

  2. Minecraft Forge

  3. CodaKid Project Manager

  4. Painting Application

  • PaintDotNet (Windows)

  • Pinta (Mac)

Eclipse is a professional Integrated Developing Environment (IDE). Essentially that's a essentially a fancy way of saying a text editor that knows programming. Eclipse is widely used in the industry for multiple programming languages. We believe it is the best choice for kids, because it is an environment that will be used for the foreseeable future.

Minecraft Forge is the software that powers Minecraft modding. It is an open source project that is free to use and ensures all mods will work together. They provide a framework for creating mods for Minecraft, and it directly works with Eclipse, allowing us to edit code and test it in Minecraft all in one place.

CodaKid Project Manager is an application we developed to create new workspaces for you in Eclipse. Each project in Eclipse is called a workspace. Creating them is a multiple step process that is difficult to get working with Minecraft Forge. The Project Manager simplifies this process by allowing you to create, repair, and delete projects all from one spot. 

PaintDotNet and Pinta are both free painting applications that suite our needs. We need these painting applications in order to texture different items and models in Minecraft.

Here is a description of each item inside the CodaKid folder after installation

  • CodaKidProjectManager

  • Application to manage projects

  • CodaKidProjectManagerFiles

  • All legal information for our application¬†

  • Eclipse

  • Java editor used for our course

  • logs

  • File containing information on installation errors. Useful for us to debug errors

  • PaintDotNet (Windows) or Pinta (Mac)

  • Painting application used for editing textures

  • projects

  • Folder containing a template folder (forgeDefaults) that will be used for creating new projects. Projects will also contain any projects that have been created with the CodaKid Project Manager

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